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Longevity Times Newsletter Issue 03

In the coming months, we will be rolling out a series of new initiatives that aim to empower elders living in the community, equip them with the knowledge to fight diabetes and provide platforms for more collaboration between the public and private sectors. We are aiming to create new partnerships to co-develop innovative solutions and opportunities to encourage our seniors to engage socially.

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Longevity Times Newsletter Issue 02

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners who supported our goals and efforts to innovate and enable a model of care for our beneficiaries across all our services. Here’s a snapshot of 2018 to reflect on our collaborations, appreciate our volunteers and celebrate another healthful year for our beneficiaries.

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Longevity Times Newsletter Issue 01

In this first edition of our newsletter, you will go through some of the exciting events that took place from late last year onwards to the first quarter of 2018. One of the key highlights has to be Asian Development Bank appointing the Foundation as a centre of excellence and knowledge partner in the area of eldercare.

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