Reflection Moments

During this Covid-19 pandemic, caring for older people in the community became challenging and we have to adjust our modus operandi to the constant changing environments, such as implementation of social distance, Singapore’s Circuit Breaker measures and the three phrases of gradual easing back to economy thereafter. But our hearts go out to caregivers as they are the ones who faced the greatest challenges at home, especially with various eldercare services and activities being cancelled or put on hold.

Our counsellors penned their reflections and thoughts from working with the caregivers and older people themselves throughout this trying periods, and here are their pieces.

Connecting through phone, reminders for self-care, by Yan Zhu

I am learning to be a caregiver, by Chong Yuen

I am not alone as a caregiver, by Lina Koh

看护伴侣:执子之手,与子偕老, 笔者 陈惠萍

Appreciating the Spirit of Giving of an Aged Caregiver, by Lynn Esther Ho

The purpose of Caregiving, by Yan Zhu

辅导员读后感:面对父母老去的勇气, 笔者 陈惠萍

What does COVID-19 tells us about the Caregivers, by Chong Yuen