“We miss the point when we think that all older people need are a roof over their heads, food on the table and maybe some personal care, instead of looking at their overall sense of well-being.” Dr Mary Ann Tsao


The Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA) is a one-stop, first-stop primary healthcare provider. We deliver team-managed medical, social, and psycho-emotional care primarily to adults aged 40 years and above living in the community. We also offer support and guidance to their caregivers.

HMCSA is an integrated collective of various community aged care service models that we have pioneered since 1993.

We practice person-centred, holistic healthcare with the aim to enable individuals to optimize their health and well-being across the life course, and to age at home and in the community.

We encourage self-care and self-mastery to promote wellbeing, providing necessary information and training at the clients’ pace. Clients of HMCSA can consult at more than one clinic or programme at the same time, or transfer from one to another as their needs change over time. Over the care continuum, we engage our clients in active health promotion and preventive healthcare through to disease management and end of life care.

Primary Health Care



Hua Mei Clinic is specially designed as an elder-friendly medical service for adults aged 40 years and above, with a keen focus on health promotion, self-care, and disease prevention and management.

Home Care



Hua Mei Mobile Clinic provides team-managed multi-disciplinary healthcare to homebound and at-risk elders living in the community.

Care Management



Hua Mei Care Management uses a unique nurse-social work practice model to provide vital service linkages and healthcare monitoring to elders with multiple social and medical needs.

Counselling and Coaching



Hua Mei Counselling and Coaching promotes the psycho-emotional and social wellness of older persons and their caregivers, deepening the dimension of holistic care over the life course promoted by the Hua Mei Centre of Successful Ageing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine



Hua Mei TCM and Acupuncture Centre serves all ages, tapping on the time-honoured Chinese tradition of herbal prescriptions and acupuncture to offer a complementary health promotion.

Centre-based Comprehensive Care



Hua Mei EPICC is a nursing home alternative, bringing to frail elders the medical and psycho-social care and home help that they need for ageing in the community.

Dementia Care System



Hua Mei Dementia Care System provides a system of medical, social and emotional care to home-dwelling elders with dementia that simultaneously supports their caregivers and family members.