2nd Multipartite Regional Meeting

Presentations from the ILC's 2nd Multipartite Regional Meeting (10 October 2016):
Financial education initiatives for women in Hong Kong – by Anny Choi, Investor Education Centre, Hong Kong
Social pension and women’s financial security – by Eduardo Klien, HelpAge International
Financial education for mature women in Indonesia – by Yayah Sobariyah, PPSW Association Indonesia
Building financial capability for older women: policies and programs in the Asia Pacific – by Dr Joanne Yoong, USC/NUS, Singapore
The National Council of Women of the Philippines – by Leonida Bayani-Ortiz, National Council of Women of the Philippines
Old age financial security of women in Viet Nam – by Msc. Le Minh Giang, Vietnam National Committee on Ageing
Collaborating for advocacy – by Dr Vivienne Wee, AWARE Singapore 


Practical Guides

Active ageing means promoting not only physical health, but mental wellbeing and social connectedness. Here are some practical guides and checklists, gleaned from The Tsao Foundation's 2009 Handbook on Successful Ageing for active health promotion, disease management and stress prevention.

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Links to the world 

Links to other ageing advocacy organisations' websites around the world.

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