The Tsao Foundation aims at transforming the experience of longevity – to optimise growth, health and fulfilment in a society for all ages. We are a not-for-profit organisation established in 1993.

Practical Guides

By optimising physical, social and mental wellness throughout our lives, one can engage in active ageing. In the World Health Organization’s paradigm, that means promoting not only physical health status, but mental wellbeing and social connectedness, and being offered adequate protection, security and care when assistance is needed. Here are some practical guides and checklists, gleaned from Tsao Foundation's 2009 Handbook on Successful Ageing for active health promotion, disease management and stress prevention.

Frail Care



Issues pertaining to elderly health

Emotional/Social Wellbeing



Advice on how to deal with the psychological aspects of ageing 

Taking Charge of your Healthcare



How to better understand your health 

Financial Security



Planning for a comfortable retirement 

Diet and Nutrition



The importance of a good diet




How to look after yourself as you look after others 

TCM & Acupuncture



A complementary approach