Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Hua Mei Acupuncture and TCM Centre offers a complementary approach to health promotion and management alongside western medicine. We treat conditions that have been approved by the World Health Organisation for acupuncture therapy, such as stroke and osteoarthritis. The Clinic also gives herbal consultation in the Chinese tradition.


Our physicians are trained at universities approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Health and our staff includes licensed nurses and trained acupuncture assistants. Being knowledgeable of western medicine, our physicians recommend clients to seek western diagnoses and treatment as necessary. The Clinic also receives referrals from western-trained physicians collaborating to enhance patient care.

We serve persons who are:
of all ages.

How to refer:

We accept referrals from hospitals, community service agencies, volunteers, families and individuals. Walk-in clients are welcome, but visits by appointment are preferred.

Fees vary according to the source of referral. Please check with HMAC.

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