“We miss the point when we think that all older people need are a roof over their heads, food on the table and maybe some personal care, instead of looking at their overall sense of well-being.”

Dr Mary Ann Tsao

Successful Ageing

Successful ageing throughout the life course is critical at all level. For the individuals, so that each one of us will have a safe, secure and happy old age. For the family, so that the all of us can enjoy the longevity of our elders rather than having to cope with excessive challenges of caregiving, and for the society, that we may benefit from the collected contributions of our elders rather than being 'burdened' by an ageing population.

For more than two decades, Tsao Foundation has been pioneering community-based health and social programmes and services to enable ageing in place and successful ageing – empower mature adults to master their own ageing journey over their life course in terms of self-care and access to the right service at the right time.

Both HMCSA and COMSA initiatives represent our work and efforts for more than two decades towards the Foundation’s master plan to promote and support successful, healthy and active ageing.

Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing



The Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA) is a pioneering 'first-stop, one-stop’ provider of primary health and psycho-social care for adults aged 40 years and above.

Community for Successful Ageing (ComSA)



The Community for Successful Ageing (ComSA) is a community-wide approach to forge an integrated system of comprehensive programmes and services with the aim to promote health and wellbeing over the life course, and to enable ageing in place.