Community Participation

In support of ComSA@Whampoa’s goals, the Community Participation works towards enabling a healthy community where older people are engaged and residents, in general, have an increased sense of well-being.

We envision a community where…

- Older people are actively defining and performing their personal and civic roles with people of all ages who bring meaning and support to their lives;
- Older people are coping well—physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially—and have an optimistic outlook in life; and
- A positive image thrives of ageing and of older people, as holders of community history and active contributors to society’s productivity.

The key pieces of the Community Participation component are:

1. Delivery of trainings on self care and wellness reaching out to a broad range of residents age 40 years and older
2. Setting up t and management of support groups that will sustain self care and wellness practices and enable well older people and the community, in general to provide assistance (befriending, exercise partnering, food delivery, etc) as well as camaraderie
3. Formation of an active and capable pool of volunteers across age groups to facilitate trainings, assist older people, generate better awareness of self care and wellness, and lead initiatives that will engender stronger sense of community and positive image of ageing and older people
4. Develop activities and events that will highlight the history, the people and the spirit of the community through the active engagement and participation of everyone in the community
5. Facilitate capacity building programmes that will establish community champions who can develop and implement plans and initiatives that will sustain efforts on self care and wellness and the creation of a community for all ages as a whole


Project SCOPE



The Self Care on Health of Older Persons in Singapore (SCOPE) is a community development programme that combines research and training components.

SWING Programme



SWING is a community development strategy and a process that facilitates older people’s participation in their own community.

GAB Programme



The Guided Autobiography Group (GAB) programme was developed by Dr James E. Birren, an ageing research pioneer.

Curating Whampoa



Curating Whampoa is a community art and heritage project that seeks to collect curate and present the rich cultural and living heritage of Whampoa through a series of thematic events organized over the two-year period.