Self-Care 101

Self-care is the prerequisite to a satisfying caregiving experience. For many helping professionals and family caregivers, we have witnessed how self-care helps individuals to stay on their commitment to care for their ageing loved ones over the years. Though it has been a hip topic in the caregiving scene these recent years, truly understanding and practising self-care for many caregivers have not been totally smooth-sailing.

Self-Care 101 hopes to debunk the many myths around self-care and equip caregivers with the fundamental know-hows. Do join us in unravelling this essential aspect of caregiving!


Taking care of ourselves as caregivers - Part 2

看护者的自我照顾旅程- 与自己的积极对话




Often neglected by caregivers and all is the fact that we are affected by some not-so-healthy caregiving beliefs in our caregiving journey. In this clip, we aim to:

  1. Help caregivers understand the impact of personal beliefs on their coping with the caregiving responsibility
  2. Help caregivers identify common beliefs that make them feel lousy and stuck
  3. Encourage them to develop healthier alternative beliefs which are kinder and more realistic
  4. Highlight benefits of being kinder and more realistic towards ourselves



Taking care of ourselves as caregivers - Part 1

Self-care for caregivers can be simple and easily accessible in our daily life using our five senses. Here are some activities you can do to help enhance self-care in the midst of your caregiving duties.


Are you feeling tired or irritated?

How do you know if you are just feeling tired or irritated for the day, or if they are signs to worse mental health issues from caregiving?


Self-care, can we?

Self-care myths can distort our perceptions of caregiving and prevent caregivers from taking proper care of themselves – leading to caregiver stress and burnout. Self-care is vital for both the caregiver and the care recipient(s). In this page, we aim to help debunk some self-care myths and reiterate the importance of self-care to all caregivers.



善待自己是否会让我们有内疚感?一定要有钱又有时间才能自我照顾吗?看护者常有一些关于善待自己的迷思, 这些可能影响我们对于看护责任的看法,让我们无法照顾自己的需要,从而导致看护压力及疲劳过度。善待自己对看护者和照顾对象同样重要。希望通过这篇和大家分享如何解开关于善待自己的迷思,当我们能善待自己时,我们的照顾对象也能感受到良好的看护。



Caregiver well-being self-assessment

As a caregiver, your well-being is important. Only when you are at your best can you provide your loved ones with the care that they deserve. Here’s a simple self-assessment test to help you check if you are thriving or need a little more guide and support. Try it out! Link



作为看护者,您的身心健康很重要。只有您处于最佳状态时,您才能为亲人 提供他们应有的照顾。这是一个简单的自我评估,可帮助您了解自己是否状 况良好或需要更多帮助和支持。试试看!Link