Caring For My Body

The journey of a caregiver can sometimes begin unexpectedly and tumultuously, particularly in sudden onset of illness of the older person with little time to prepare for the caregiving role. The older person may also have changes in mobility, mood, cognition, personality and ability to perform daily self-care activities. At the same time, there are multiple duties that require attention and can be overwhelming for a new caregiver. Thus it is important to understand the various challenges and how you can care for yourself, while caring for your loved ones.

Mental well-being has been highlighted as an important element to look out for during Singapore's fight against covid-19, especially with the implementation of additional circuit breaker measures from 7 April 2020 onwards. The team from Hua Mei Counselling and Coaching hoped to support their clients and caregivers of older people thus they put together some caregiving tips in this video. The video comes with an additional Prioritising Activities Checklist which you can download below.

Prioritising Activities Checklist




Stress is a common experience in the current society. It presents itself not only mentally and emotionally but also, physically (e.g. headaches and lower back pain).

Quite similar to Yoga and Tai Chi where they use breathing and movement to attain a sense of well-being and balance within the body, a body scan exercise can help us 1) be attuned to our body and its sensations in a non-judgemental way, 2) increase focus of the mind and 3) release tension within the body and attain a sense of well-being.

As caregivers navigate through their busy daily lives, with blurred boundaries, it is hoped that they could tap on such a method to release tension, increase their focus and recharge.


身体扫描练习与瑜伽和太极有些相似之处。瑜伽与太极结合专注,呼吸与姿势调整,让大家培养良好平衡的身心。身体扫描练习训练我们 1)关切,不加以批判地察觉身体上的感受与压力 2)透过专注,呼吸与观想释放所累积的压力,从而得到良好的身心平衡。


Having a good night's sleep is important, as it helps us to function well during the day, gives us energy to concentrate on our work and provide care to our loved ones at home. The COVID-19 pandemic has created many changes in our lives and may have impacted the quality of sleep for some of us. We may be asking ourselves on how it has affected us and what are the ways to improve our sleep during this trying period.

Our Clinical Programme Consultant, Dr Ng Wai Chong, will share his expertise on promoting quality sleep.

良好的睡眠对我们的健康非常重要。 因为它有助于我們在日间能够顺利运作,让我們能专注精神于我們的工作和照顾家中的亲人。

2019冠状病毒(COVID-19) 疫情带来的改变可能影响了我們的生活习惯, 同时可能间接地影响了我们的睡眠品质。 我們可能疑惑有哪些因素影响了睡眠, 可以采取什么方法对症下药改善它呢?


由于需要长期照顾家人,许多看护者难免会感受到压力,在2019冠状病毒(COVID-19) 疫情期间,压力更大。时间一长,这些压力会对看护者造成身心的影响,例如头痛、 失眠、胃肠道不舒服和情绪不稳定等等。除此之外,看护者也可能因常常需要搀扶看 护对象而容易引起腰背部和肩膀部的肌肉或韧带损伤,造成疼痛。

同时,在疫情期间,拥有良好的免疫力也格外重要 - 身体强壮,抵抗力好可减低病毒 侵犯的风险。而看护者保持健康,减低感染病毒的风险,也是保护年长者的一个重要 环节。

我们特别邀请曹氏基金会华美针灸中医中心医药总监,顾法隆中医师和朱平中医师通 过这个平台和大家分享一些中医保健的方法,包括简单的自我按摩,帮助看护者缓解 身心问题和疼痛,以及如何通过食物与草药提升我们的免疫力。

看护者自我保健按摩(一)–《压力》, 笔者顾法隆中医师
看护者自我保健按摩(二)–《腰背痠痛、肩膀痛》, 笔者顾法隆中医师
疫情期间如何从食物与草药提升免疫力, 笔者朱平中医师

A balanced and nutritious diet is not only for people whom we care for – it is equally important for us caregivers too. To sustain yourself as a caregiver, one of the important areas is to have balanced and nutritious food to give us the energy, boost our immune system and improve our mental health.

Healthy Eating for Busy Caregivers