Learning Room

We know that age is just a number – how well we are is not determined by our age in calendar years. But to make the best use of our longer lives – the average lifespan in Singapore being 82 years – we must take charge of how we live proactively.

The ComSA Learning Room provides comprehensive training to assist mature adults in achieving mastery in self-care and successful ageing.

As a participant in the Learning Room, the first thing you will map out is a guide on which areas most warrant your attention. Your learning journey is thus personalised to your interests and needs.

The Learning Room courses and service are ideal for anyone who is:

  • Seeking to enhance personal wellbeing and health and to fulfil the potential of longevity
  • At risk of chronic disease(s) or living with one or more chronic conditions
  • Caregiver to an elder in the family

The Learning Room will provide interactive, engaging and quality training in:

  • Wellness for successful ageing
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Emotional management and stress control
  • Relationship skills for married couples and multi-generational families
  • Prevention and management of chronic diseases
  • Caregiving


Our upcoming courses include:
1. Staying Well - Secrets of the Super Agers (English)
2. Practical Money Skills - How Much Is Enough? 幸福乐龄系列 - 财务健康 (Mandarin)
3. DIY TCM Acupoint Massage Series 1 DIY 中医穴位按摩课程-系列 (Mandarin)
4. Staying Well - Secrets of the Super Agers 身心安泰之道 – 超级乐龄的秘密(Mandarin)