Financial Security

How to be financially independent in old age

Having a good financial plan will help you get there.

How to budget for future

Many people are not convinced that they have a need for a budget. Other people fully realise their need, but simply have no idea where to start.

How to build a financial safety net

Planning a financial backup for life’s emergencies is a prerequisite to beginning an investment plan.

How to invest your money

When you invest, you do not only have the potential to earn money on what you’ve contributed, you also have the potential to earn money on your earnings.

How to live longer and healthier

Singaporeans are living longer. Since 2006, Singaporean men can expect to live to 82 years on average. The average Singaporean woman can expect to live to 85 years. But these years may not necessarily be healthy life years.

How to plan for work-life after retirement

Worrying will not help to improve any situation. It creates even more anxieties, problems and delays you from advancing to the next stage.

How to plan your estate

The financial advisor you choose is a key component in shaping your financial future.

How to save for emergencies

Life is unpredictable. When it comes to money, it’s always a good idea to have an emergency supply of it.