How to care for the frail old person

With advancing age, some older people will develop frailty and disability, a combined effect of the ageing process and health experiences as well as chronic diseases.

How to prepare for a caregiver role

The journey of a caregiver can sometimes begin unexpectedly and tumultuously, particularly in sudden onset of illness of the older person with little time to prepare for the caregiving role.

How are you?

Caregivers are often so involved in meeting the needs of their charges that they lose sight of their own wellbeing. This is a self-evaluation you can take. 

Resources for caregivers

A brief list of numbers and websites

The Healthy Health Folder

You should maintain a health folder with all the vital information and medical health records for anyone to whom you are giving care, including yourself. To serve its purpose, the health folder would have these:
•  Patient’s Personal Data and List of Contacts
List of Medical Issues
•  Medication List
•  Health Screening Results