Asian Development Bank appoints Tsao Foundation as a centre of excellence and knowledge partner in eldercare

The Tsao Foundation is proud to have been appointed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a centre of excellence and knowledge partner in its US$2.5m project on “Strengthening Developing Member Countries’ (DMC) Capacity in Elderly Care”.

The ADB initiative is a response to the dramatic demographic shift in Asia and the Pacific that will see their number of people aged 65 and above quickly exceeding 1 billion. It will offer regional technical assistance to build capacity and invest in policies and programmes that promote healthy ageing, such as the development of eldercare services and age-friendly infrastructure.

The Foundation will lend its expertise to review the in-depth diagnostic studies of selected countries; provide resource and technical inputs for capacity building and long-term care options; conduct research and develop knowledge products; and help build knowledge-sharing platforms, among other roles.

The ADB appointment comes in recognition of Tsao Foundation’s position as a leader in addressing eldercare needs in Singapore and pursuing research and collaborative platforms in population ageing issues.


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