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Video message from Dr John Beard, Director for Life Course and Ageing Department, World Health Organization, at the ComSA Forum 2017 on Friday, 18 August.


CNY Lunch for Elders (2017)

A tradition since 1995, Tsao Foundation organised its Chinese New Year lunch for elderly clients of all eight services in the Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA) on 25 Feb 2017. Ms Magdaline Goei has joined Ms Shabnam Melwani (our long-term event sponsor) in supporting the festive lunch generously.

(Video credit: Mr Gu Dalei, Volunteer of Tsao Foundation)

Tsao Foundation 20th Anniversary Video (4.41’)

Catch a glimpse of how the Tsao Foundation has been contributing to the transformation of the ageing experience since its inception in 1993. Produced in November 2013, this short video portrays our dedication to the older persons we serve, and the innovation, practice excellence and constructive change that distinguish our efforts.

Hua Mei EPICC (Elder-centred Programme of Integrated Comprehensive Care) was launched on 12 April 2013 to enable nursing home eligible, frail elders to age at optimal health in the community. Participants attend a day club programme and receive a package of services customised to their individual needs. EPICC is a programme started in 2011 and launched in 2013. Elders with no caregivers at home spend 6 hours each programme day at the centre, and receive medical care and physiotherapy, engage in stimulating activities, and find social support. They also have 24-hour medical emergency coverage, and home-help when there are no alternatives.


Invited again to present the Tsao Ng Yu Shun Lecture - the Foundation's flagship series on the future of ageing - Prof Ursula Staudinger gives a powerful, evidence-based argument for discarding negative stereotypes of older persons, and for acknowledging and promoting the different types of productivity by which they contribute and make a difference to our lives.

The video recording of the lecture is available for your viewing here. For copyright reasons, please do not download, copy or reproduce it.

Professor Staudinger, Director, Columbia Aging Center, Columbia University is a lifespan psychologist and leading authority on the subject of ageing.

She will be the Keynote Speaker at the Nobel Week Dialogue on 9 Dec 2014 that focuses on the subject on ageing. Please check and for the live stream of her address and the panel discussion among Nobel Laureates and thought leaders.

Prof Staudinger's Inaugural Tsao Ng Yu Shun Lecture, "Demographic Change and Growth – A Paradox?” which shows how we can benefit from "a society of longer lives" is available for viewing by request. (Copyright restriction against downloading applies).