“The Tsao Foundation aims at transforming the experience of longevity – to optimise growth, health and fulfilment in a society for all ages. We are a not-for-profit organisation established in 1993.”

Tsao Foundation launched ComSA Whampoa Centre

The official opening of ComSA Whampoa Centre was held in conjunction with the ComSA Forum, titled “Joining the dots”. As a demonstration model, ComSA’s research findings and learnings are intended to contribute to planning and policy. Two panel presentations by partners from the grassroots, healthcare and social services, academe and government agencies, alongside elder and youth programme participants will be sharing the progress and implications of this ambitious and wide-ranging project.

Among the highlights of the presentations on ComSA updates since its official launch in 2015:
1. Strategically located in Whampoa Community Centre, ComSA Whampoa Centre is a one-stop age care centre, joining primary care and long-term care
2. Previously available twice weekly and from a make-shift location, the Hua Mei Clinic operating from Monday to Friday at ComSA Whampoa Centre.
3. The centre is a collaboration with the City for All Ages Whampoa, the National Healthcare Group, neighbourhood social service agencies and other stakeholders, a network of some 30 partners is co-creating a seamless continuum of care.
4. Hua Mei EPICC to serve Whampoa 's nursing-home-eligible officially from Feb 2017, offering respite to caregivers without them having to send their love ones to institutional care.
5. The validation of ComSA Bio-psycho-social Risk Screener with potential for promoting population health
6. The ComSA Learning Room provides comprehensive training to assist mature adults in achieving mastery in self-care and successful ageing.
7. A focus on developing the capacity of older persons in self-efficacy, civic participation and leadership Programmes such as Curating Whampoa, SWING, BIG SWING and ComSA Champions are aimed at addressing the loss of roles, social isolation and ageist attitudes that often confront older people.

“ Video message from Dr John Beard, Director for Life Course and Ageing Department, World Health Organization here