“The Tsao Foundation aims at transforming the experience of longevity – to optimise growth, health and fulfilment in a society for all ages. We are a not-for-profit organisation established in 1993.”

Curating Whampoa Sharing Session

The Curating Whampoa project aims (1) to curate and present the rich intangible cultural heritage of Whampoa; (2) to build capacity among the residents to lead as, and become, community curators and (3) to explore the setting up of a Living Museum in Whampoa. In July 2018, the project team invited all their participants and partners to a sharing session to share their thoughts and ideas on the “Convergences and Intersections of Ageing, Health, Arts, Creativity, Heritage and Place”. The goal of these sharing sessions is to identify new ideas and opportunities for an interdisciplinary approach to the topic of Ageing in Place, with the Living Museum as the platform for this innovative initiative.