Tsao Foundation Longevity Forum

About the Forum

In 2023, Tsao Foundation celebrates 30 years of promoting successful ageing. The Longevity Forum is the first of our year-long activities and we invite you to be a part of our celebrations.

As many as half of today’s schoolchildren may live to be 100. Drawing data and insights from two new global reports and on-the-ground experiences, the Longevity Forum will advance actionable ideas on how we can better prepare for happier and healthier 100-year lives.

As a world leader in lifespans and healthspans, Singapore is well poised to be a living lab for healthy longevity.

But how do we bridge the gap between rhetoric and reality to unlock the promise of 100-year lives?

Together, what can we do to ignite change?

Register for the Forum and be in the company of local and international invited guests, including academics, private sector executives, policymakers and media, as well as a curated group of older and younger Singaporeans who take an active interest in longevity issues.

Event Highlights


Speakers & Panellists

Keynote speaker

Prof Laura Carstensen
Professor of Psychology and the Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor in Public Policy Stanford University; Founding Director, Stanford Center on Longevity

Based on the principles of the New Map of Life by the Stanford Center on Longevity, Prof Carstensen advocates for a major redesign of our lives, communities, and economies to better support century-long lives. Her talk will:

1. Identify actionable steps to help older adults to not just live longer, but thrive, mentally and physically.
2. Distinguish between the biological process of ageing and the conditions that support long life.
3. Focus on tips and tricks to optimise well-being at all stages of life for all people.

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Panel 1: Business Innovation
Unlocking the Potential of the Longevity Economy

A new AARP report on the Longevity Economy shows how older adults aged 50+ are contributing to the economy and transforming markets across the world. This panel will focus on the market for longevity-ready products and services and provide actionable insights for companies and consumers alike on innovative opportunities to reap the economic dividends of longer lives.

David Ramli, a Singapore-based business journalist for Bloomberg News.

Dr Jean Accius
President and CEO of Creating Healthier Communities, former SVP of global thought leadership at AARP, he was the lead author of a recent global report on the longevity economy.

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Prof Jeremy Lim
Prof Jeremy Lim is CEO & co-founder of AMILI, the region’s first gut microbiome company. A medical doctor dually trained in surgery and public health, Jeremy was most recently a partner in Oliver Wyman's Health and Life Sciences practice in Asia.

Joshua Goh
Architect-turned serial entrepreneur who founded the fast-growing co-living company Red Crowns Senior Living after being unable to find suitable services for his elderly father.

Elisa Lim
Elisa Lim is the founder of Will & Well, an “inclusive fashion” start-up that designs clothes for people with cognitive and physical disabilities. Her business offers ready-to-wear and custom clothing, with subsidised costs for low-income elderly and persons with disabilities who would otherwise not have access to customisable clothes that cater to their needs.


Janice Chia
Janice Chia is Founder & Managing Director of Ageing Asia, APAC's first industry alliance on the business of ageing. Her exposure to over 400 residential and aged care homes worldwide sees her actively consulting with organisations seeking global best practices in housing, health and care models that can be translated for the Asian market.


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Panel 2: From Lifespan to HealthSpan
How can we embrace prevention and maximise wellbeing

To be healthy in the new era of longevity is not just to avoid sickness, but to thrive in mind, body and spirit. What can individuals and communities do to prevent disease, increase resilience and find purpose and meaning, even when the going is tough?

Salma Khalik, Senior Health Correspondent with The Straits Times

Prof David Halpern
CEO of the UK-headquartered Behavioural Insights Team, Prof Halpern leads international specialists who use evidence-based practices to “nudge” people and organisations towards desirable behaviours, policies and practices, helping them thrive.

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Dr Wong Sweet Fun
A senior consultant geriatrician at Yishun Health and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Dr Wong has helped set up a community ecosystem of care in northern Singapore, to keep residents in good health and out of hospitals.

Dr Tan Weng Mooi
A Director at the MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT), Dr Tan leads a programme to develop healthy precincts frameworks and harnesses technology to build up wellness and resilience in the community.

Dr Paul Ong
Chief Strategy Officer, Tsao Foundation, Dr Ong was formerly with the World Health Organization and is an experienced international ageing and health policy analyst and researcher.

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Panel 3: Connect, Collaborate and Care
How to build longevity-ready communities

We are living in the most age-diverse and technologically connected era in human history. Yet human relationships have weakened as loneliness has reached epidemic proportions. How can we deepen relationships and better harness the collective and complementary strengths of different generations to build a better future for us all?

Lin Suling, Opinion Editor with The Straits Times

Marc Freedman
Social entrepreneur, expert on inter-generational ties and Founder and CEO of Co-Generate.

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Assoc Prof Emi Kiyota
An internationally recognised thought leader on healthy longevity and an environmental gerontologist, Prof Kiyota founded the Ibasho movement and specialises in co-creating socially integrated communities that value seniors. She is Deputy Executive Director, Centre for Population Health, National University of Singapore

Thomas Kuan
The founder of U 3rd Age, a not-for-profit organisation in Singapore that allows seniors to share life experiences, reminiscences, and social-cultural values. U3A’s Seniors-Meet-Seniors platform enables this ground-up community of older people to connect, share, learn and grow together, in person and online.

Chan Chi Ling
A deputy director at Open Government Products, a digital innovation and experimental technology team, Ms Chan also helped build up a volunteer health-care workforce comprising many seniors during the pandemic.

Adrian Tan
A co-founder of SG Assist, Mr Tan is driven by his passion for building a compassionate community for seniors and caregivers in Singapore.


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