HMTA leverages the Foundation’s direct services to elders, and its research and collaborations to develop its own ‘signature’ training courses from the ground up.

Customizable Programmes

One of the aims of the Hua Mei Training Academy is to empower every person with the skills and knowledge to take care of their own and other’s health and social wellbeing, so that they can live fuller, healthier lives well into their old age and reach the potential of their longevity. Hua Mei Training Academy works with corporations to enhance the overall wellbeing of employees so as to optimise their productivity.

As we draw upon experiences from our service provision for care from our Centre for Successful Ageing, we do provide education on the following areas:

Age Sensitisation Workshop
Volunteering and Befriending
Customised programmes on Dementia, Health Promotion and Psycho-emotional

Contact us at 6593 9558 for a chat on how we can assist you in your requirements.