Training Portfolio

The Tsao Foundation has been offering multi-disciplinary training in professional and informal aged care, self-care and development, as well as relationship management since its inception 20 years ago. In 1995, it established the Hua Mei Training Academy to take this area of work further, so as to foster the mindset, information and skills which can make longevity a positive experience.

Our range of certificate and non-certificate programmes, workshops and talks includes:

The Eldercare Portfolio

The Eldercare Portfolio covers the entire ageing process, educating participants on normal and abnormal aspects of ageing and adaptation strategies to support older people. The portfolio imparts the caregivers with skills and techniques to cope with the physical and emotional demands of ageing and care. Practical skills for managing everyday challenges including bathing, feeding, toileting, falls prevention, safe transfers and use of mobility aids and stress management are taught. There is a wide range of target audiences for this portfolio including volunteers, family and professional caregivers.

Dementia Portfolio

The Dementia portfolio focuses on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Participants learn about the signs and symptoms, the stages of dementia, common dementia-related behaviors and available community and institutional resources. They are also taught specialized skills to prevent, identify and manage the difficult behaviors associated with dementia as well as how to cope with the emotional toll and stresses associated with care giving. The training emphasizes the use of remaining abilities of the person with dementia and teaches strategies that support maximal quality of life for the older person and care givers.

Health Promotion Portfolio

The Health Promotion portfolio focuses on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and prevention of chronic diseases. The training equips participants with knowledge, techniques and skills on health related issues which include exercise, nutrition, stress management, and chronic diseases management.

Psycho-emotional Portfolio

The Psycho-emotional portfolio looks at coping strategies to deal with the emotional side of caring for an older client or family member. It stresses on the importance of communicating with an older person, barriers to communication and effective communication skills. Bridging the generation gap, grief and loss, and death and dying, are other topics covered under our psycho-emotional portfolio.