Self-care Courses

Hua Mei Training Academy also provides training to the public to empower ageing in place. We conduct courses on self-care to equip the public with the knowledge to take better care of themselves.

Our upcoming courses include:
1. Successful Ageing - Be a Happier Senior! 幸福乐龄系列 - 快乐乐龄方程式 (Mandarin)
2. Successful Ageing - Harmonious Intergenerational Relationship 幸福乐龄系列 - 和谐家庭 (Mandarin)
3. Stay Well and Age Successfully 幸福乐龄的养身法 (Mandarin)
4. Successful Ageing - Financial Planning for Retirement 幸福乐龄系列 - 财务健康 (Mandarin)
5. Self-care for Caregivers 看护者:自我关爱 (Mandarin)

National Silver Academy (NSA) funding is available for eligible participants.