Left to right: Mdm Lai Kum Yoong, Dr Tan Bee Wan and Wendy Khon

Oh, The Places They Go TOGETHER!

By Lim Yeng Peng

A landmark study by the University Of California 2001 found that friendships between women are special. They shape their identities and support each other to develop their potentials. They can calm their turbulent selves and provide emotional support and stability.

This is probably why Wendy Khon and Mdm Lai Kum Yoong pack their bags and hit the road road together every year to places far far away. All these annual trips started back in 2015 went they were part of a short getaway trip to Malacca and Johor Bahru. The following year, a group of 19 former and current staff of the Foundation went to Fukouka, Japan, to celebrate their birthdays together. They said that it is not that they share the same birth date, month or the year, but just a reason to have fun and travel together. 

From Asia, both Wendy and Mdm Lai decided to head to Morocco and Spain in January. Mdm Lai retired from Hua Mei Acupuncture and TCM Clinic in 2018 as the clinic manager, while Wendy is currently a staff member at ComSA Whampoa Centre running Café Kawan. Mdm Lai now volunteers at the Café during her free time. 

For Wendy and Mdm Lai, this was their first long distance, free and easy tour together. They both decided to pay an additional $1,000 to try Premium Economy service and they totally recommended it.

Both had their accommodation at luxurious Riad El Yacout in Morocco – and they totally recommend it! Wendy was amazed at Morocco, a very peaceful Muslim country. “All the people there speak good English and they are all very polite. I’ll advise everyone to make a trip there to see the Blue City at Chefchaouen. It’s such a beautiful place that we finished the walk despite being tired halfway. And the olives in Morocco are so delicious. I should have bought more,” she grinned.

For the free and easy tour, the bulk of the online search for good food recommendations and eateries were done by Dr Tan Bee Wan, ex-CEO of Tsao Foundation. The group also hired private guides for specific locations that they were keen to explore. Mdm Lai added, “You must watch a flamenco dance performance. We googled for a famous dance group and booked it online. All the dancers seem to be above 50 years old and they all dance with such sad expressions. It was remarkably good.

Where are they headed next? “It’s going to be Dubai,” said Mdm Lai. The duo is booked for Dubai in the coming November as they have been hearing good things about the country. Their advice to all travelling buddies, “You must find a group of friends who enjoy eating and travelling together. Also, everyone in the group must be able to accommodate to one another.”


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