Productive Ageing and a Deeper Public-Private-People Partnership

An ageing population could slow down economic growth, and it raises social and healthcare costs. It tops not only the government's agenda, but also the private sector's. Against that backdrop, it is imperative for the elderly to reinforce the positive aspects of growing older and how the future cohort of older people has to start making essential contributions to their own lives.

At Prudential’s PRUImpact Week 2019 event on 14 May 2019, the Foundation was invited to moderate the panel discussion on productive ageing. CEO Ms Peh Kim Choo moderated the panel which includes Mr Tan Chuan Jin, Speaker of Parliament, Provost Chair Professor Jean Yeung from the National University of Singapore and Wilfred Blackburn, the CEO of Prudential Singapore.

It was a lively discussion with the panellists sharing their views on transforming ageing into longevity, how prevention health topped national agenda for healthcare sustainability and how the public and private enterprises could work towards creating a volunteer network where there would always be someone looking out for another within the community.


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