Chicken brown rice porridge with gingko nuts and bean curd skin

Recipe by Mdm Lai Kum Yoong,
Retired Registered Nurse and Clinic Manager of Hua Mei Acupuncture and TCM
Volunteer, Café Kawan

2 cups of brown rice
Half a cup of glutinous rice
1 cup of gingko nuts
Half packet of bean curd skin (that will soften)
2 chicken thighs
Spring onions
Light soy sauce
Sesame oil 

Soak the brown rice and glutinous rice for 2 hours.
Remove shells of gingko nuts, boil gingko nuts for 10 minutes to remove the skin and the buds.
Soak the bean curd skin, wash and keep aside.
Cut chicken thighs into cubes and season with light sauce and pepper.
Put rice mixture to boil until all soft.
Add in the cleaned gingko nuts and soaked bean curd skin and continue to boil.
Stir in the seasoned chicken cubes and continue to boil until cooked.
Season porridge with salt & pepper.
Serve, sprinkle with spring onions as topping.

“The ingredients promote better breathing in patients with cough or asthma, and in general, lessen the frequency of urination in the night, help to reduce tiredness and slow down the ageing process.”   -- Dr Gu Fa Long, Medical Director, Hua Mei Acupuncture & TCM Centre


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