Celebrating, Reconnecting at Chinese New Year Luncheon

Besides being a celebration to welcome a new lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year (CNY) luncheon was a time to reconnect and to catch up with the families and caregivers of our seniors.  Recalling how vibrant and glowing our elderly clients looked that day, the annual event must have been a special occasion for them.

For entertainment, we had help from volunteers like veteran actress Madam Cai Ping Kai (popularly known as Er Gu) who paired up with the respective care teams to put up items of songs and dance. During the singalong session, we discovered some talented crooners among our clients who boldly took over the stage and sang with Ping Kai their all-time favourite songs of yesteryear.

Together with different care management teams, and our very own energetic hosts of the day, Dr Tan Sai Tiang and Eric Tan, the appearance of the God of Fortune is the high point of the celebration.

The planning for logistics and fundraising efforts started months before the actual event on 2 March. Together with the management and staff of Tsao Foundation, we were very grateful for the support from our sponsors; especially to Ms Shabnam Melwani who has been supporting the event for nearly a decade now. Special thanks to our past and present colleagues whose contribution helped fund the celebration and to all our staff, for creating another wonderful memory for our elderly clients.


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