“The Tsao Foundation aims at transforming the experience of longevity – to optimise growth, health and fulfilment in a society for all ages. We are a not-for-profit organisation established in 1993.”

ComSA participates in Whampoa CC Open House (15 May 2016)

The ComSA team and staff from Tsao Foundation as well as SCOPE volunteers were at the Whampoa CC Open House to spread the word about our upcoming ComSA Centre and the current services we have for residents of Whampoa.

When ComSA Centre opens in late 2016, we will operate a clinic for elders who have difficulties managing their health and an information and referral desk at Level 2 of the refurbished CC. On Level 3, we will have a full suite of ComSA services including EPICC, a day community club which offers integrated medical and psychosocial healthcare to older people, and the ComSA Café and Learning Room which offer opportunities for social engagement and lifelong learning.

Currently, ComSA is serving Whampoa with care management and clinical services for elders-at-risk, as well as community development programmes such as SCOPE for self-care and GAB, which facilitates self-discovery and releases new potential.

For more information on our care management and clinic services, please contact 6593 9595 or email to hmcm@tsaofoundation.org.

For community development programmes, please contact 9653 6037 or email to ilcsingapore@tsaofoundation.org.