“The Tsao Foundation aims at transforming the experience of longevity – to optimise growth, health and fulfilment in a society for all ages. We are a not-for-profit organisation established in 1993.”

Tsao Foundation Experts Series 2017 - Dr Alex Kalache

Tsao Foundation held an Expert Series 2017 on 15 November to focus on local and international initiatives to shape environments that foster active ageing and enable the actualisation of opportunities in longevity.

The keynote speaker is Dr Alex Kalache, Co-President, International Longevity Centre Global Alliance (ILC-GA), who shared updates on global age-friendly cities. Dr Kalache was previously director of the World Health Organisation’s global ageing programme in Geneva (1995-2008). He played an instrumental role in the launch of the WHO active ageing framework and initiative on age-friendly cities, which are still being implemented today. His profile is appended below.

Dr Mary Ann Tsao,  Chairman of Tsao Foundation, shared her learning on “Co-building the community for successful ageing”, drawn from ComSA, our foundation’s  initiative in Whampoa. The ground-up, community-wide project which has CFAA Whampoa among its principal network partners, has its sights on co-creating an enabling and inclusive environment powered by intergenerational solidarity, alongside the co-development of an integrated comprehensive healthcare system and programme innovations for lifelong-learning and elder empowerment.

Gracing the event was Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and Ministry of Health. SMS Dr Khor also chairs the Advisory Committee for the City for All Ages (CFAA), an initiative under the Ministry of Health, to engage residents to create caring, empowering  and safe environment for elders to age in place gracefully.