Date: Mon, September 11, 2017 — Tue, September 12, 2017

Health is not the absence of sickness and disease, but the enjoyment of complete physical, emotional and social well-being. Good health is an important ingredient for happiness and therefore has an important role in every person’s life.
There is much information on how to achieve good health – eat right, exercise, relax but it is easier said than done, and many people start a “healthy living campaign” only to abandon it because it was too difficult or too boring. The proposed programme provides participants with practical approaches and tips on achieving health and well-being – at home and at their workplace.

Programme objectives:
After the completion of this program, participants will be able to:
     • Have a better understanding of their health status through a health risk appraisal activity
     • Identify their top three health risks
     • Understanding the common diseases (i.e. cancer, heart diseases, stroke) in Singapore
     • Development of an action plan and strategies for prevention
     • Understand the fundamentals of good nutrition
     • Perform simple calorie counting for a meal
     • Examine their current eating habits and identify the changes they can make
     • Have a better understanding of their fitness level through a fitness assessment activity
     • Understand the role of exercise in health
     • Know the different types of exercises

Course Details
Title: Towards Healthy Living!
Date: 11 to 12 September 2017
Duration: 14 hours
Fee: Full Fee $171.20 (Inclusive of GST)
* Fees payable by Singaporeans & PRs aged 50 and above:
$43.20 (Inclusive of GST)
Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit Claims!
Venue: Hua Mei Training Academy, Block 119, Bukit Merah View, #01-77 S152119
Registration: To register, please contact: Fabian at 6593 9547, fabianchong@tsaofoundation.org

* For more information on National Silver Academy (NSA), please visit www.nsa.org.sg.

About Hua Mei Training Academy
Tsao Foundation set up Hua Mei Training Academy (HMTA) in 1995 with the aim to promote successful ageing, provide education and skills development in elder care, and foster inter-generational understanding and relationships.

HMTA pursues its mission through its continuous effort to develop and provide a portfolio of courses on successful ageing. We are the first Continuing Education and Training (CET) in Community and Social Services (Senior Services) sub-sector under the Ministry of Manpower’s Workforce Development Agency (WDA). Our approach has always been “by practitioners for practitioners” and “by practitioners for individuals and community” to support positive ageing in the community.