A Guided Body Scan Exercise

Stress is a common experience in the current society. It presents itself not only mentally and emotionally but also, physically (e.g. headaches and lower back pain).

Quite similar to Yoga and Tai Chi where they use breathing and movement to attain a sense of well-being and balance within the body, a body scan exercise can help us 1) be attuned to our body and its sensations in a non-judgemental way, 2) increase focus of the mind and 3) release tension within the body and attain a sense of well-being.

As caregivers navigate through their busy daily lives, with blurred boundaries, it is hoped that they could tap on such a method to release tension, increase their focus and recharge.



身体扫描练习与瑜伽和太极有些相似之处。瑜伽与太极结合专注,呼吸与姿势调整,让大家培养良好平衡的身心。身体扫描练习训练我们 1)关切,不加以批判地察觉身体上的感受与压力 2)透过专注,呼吸与观想释放所累积的压力,从而得到良好的身心平衡。