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None of us had ever imagined a disruption to life in Singapore as major as those of COVID-19 with its circuit breaker period.

The pandemic started off disrupting daily meetings at work, amongst teams and externally - with clients and community partners. Eventually, our counselling team adjusted from making face-to-face sessions to phone or video sessions with our elder clients, caregivers and partnering agencies. We also have to work doubly hard to ensure them of the provision of continual support and assistance needed by clients. The pandemic also triggered more anxieties for some of our clients – which we are eager to understand, and to share with other caregivers and care teams. More


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疫情开始时,就对我们的工作有很大的影响,无论是同事之间,还是辅导对象或是社区同仁,我们都无法像以往那样见面。后来,辅导员们必须做出调整,与年长人士或家庭看护者从面谈的辅导改为电话或视频辅导。我们也必须加倍努力工作,确保我们的服务对象有足够的协助和支持。疫情的延烧,也使我们的一些辅导对象更焦虑,我们都很关切,也想要了解更多,与家庭看护者及护理团队分享。 More