HMTA leverages the Foundation’s direct services to elders, and its research and collaborations to develop its own ‘signature’ training courses from the ground up.

Professional Training

The Hua Mei Training Academy (HMTA) is a dedicated provider of training in community-based eldercare, supporting the urgent need for capacity building in that service sector. We offer a diversified range of training programmes from higher certificate to professional diploma levels to equip and empower Health Care Attendants, Health Care Assistants, Home Care Helpers, Programme Executives, Programme Co-ordinators, Executives, Administrators and Managers for the eldercare sector.

In 2008, HMTA was appointed as the Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centre for the Community and Social Service (Senior Services) Sub Sector by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). The CET agenda is to raise the standards and competencies of the sector through a structured competency-based training roadmap. 

In 2011, HMTA was registered by the Council for Private Education under the Enhanced Registration Framework. Exceding the Council’s stringent requirements for a private education establishment, HMTA has a 6-year licence.

In 2012, the Academy launched the first of its ‘signature courses’ to offer a Community Gerontological Nursing Certificate to experienced, registered nurses that they may enhance their skills at providing cutting edge, person-centred care to elders living in the community. It takes into account the position of the community nurse who is required to think on her feet amid variable home environments and resource availability to take a care management approach and pull together the care needed to help the client maintain optimal health and wellness.
The unique characteristic of HMTA’s ‘signature courses’ is that they draw on the two decades of expertise in community eldercare accumulated at the Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing, and are enriched by the collaborative work and research findings conducted by ILC Singapore.

As such, the courses are developed and delivered by practitioners for practitioners – and support ageing in the community, an on-going objective of the Foundation’s activities.

HMTA offers these WSQ programmes:

 • WSQ Higher Certificate in Community and Social Services (Senior Services)
 • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Community and Social Services (Senior Services
 • WSQ Diploma in Community and Social Services (Senior Services)

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