Date: Fri, April 21, 2017

This ½ day intensive and interactive workshop aims to provide an introduction to some of the most fundamental issues of ageing and caregiving in the ageing process and practical skills and hands-on practice on caring for the elderly e.g. safe use of mobility aids, safe transfer and positioning, communication skills etc.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

Course Outline:

1. Communication with the Older Person
- Have increased awareness and knowledge concerning communicating with older people
- Identify barriers to communicating with older people
- Identify tips to improve communication skills

2. Falls Prevention and Mobility Aids
- Identify common risk factors for falls in older people
- Identify physical and environmental preventive measures to prevent falls in older people
- Safe transfer and correct positioning (with hands-onpractice)
- Safe use of mobility aids (with hands-on practice)

Course Details
Title: Effective Caregiving
Date: 21 April 2017
Duration: 3 hours
Fee: Full Fee $107 (Inclusive of GST) / * Fees payable by Singaporeans & PRs aged 50 and above: $27 (Inclusive of GST)
Venue: Tsao Foundation, 298 Tiong Bahru Road #15-01, Central Plaza Singapore 168730
Registration: To register, please contact: Fabian at 6593 9547, fabianchong@tsaofoundation.org

* For more information on National Silver Academy (NSA), please visit www.nsa.org.sg.

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