“Age is just a number”

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The Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA) is a pioneering 'first-stop, one-stop’ provider of primary health and psycho-social care for adults aged 40 years and above.

Training & Education

The Hua Mei Training Academy (HMTA) is the only dedicated provider of training in community-based eldercare in Singapore.

Research & Collaboration

The International Longevity Centre Singapore (ILC-Singapore) implements ground-breaking community development programmes, and high impact research and collaborations.

Community for Successful Ageing

ComSA is a community-wide approach to forge an integrated system of comprehensive programmes and services with the aim to promote health and wellbeing over the life course, and to enable ageing in place.




What’s new at Tsao

Minister of Health visits ComSA Centre, Whampoa
At the official opening of the newly rebuilt Whampoa Community Club (CC) on 26 February 2017, the Minister of Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, hailed ComSA Centre Whampoa, located at levels 2 and 3 of the CC, as as “a concrete example of the development of community care infrastructure to support our care transformation efforts – to go beyond healthcare to health, and to extend care beyond hospitals to home”.
While Hua Mei Clinic at level 2 works in conjunction with the National Healthcare Group and other partners to make comprehensive healthcare more seamlessly available to Whampoa's older residents, the Learning Room, SCOPE and other ComSA programmes seek to promote self-efficacy in health and wellness over the life course and the participation of older persons in community life.  

Mr Gan also visited ComSA Centre with Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information and other Members of Parliament of the Jalan Besar GRC, including Whampoa Adviser, Mr Heng Chee How.

Read Mr Gan's address here.

View the photo album of the day's event here.

Click here for more details on Hua Mei Clinic, ComSA.

Sharing Wellness and Initiative Group (SWING)
The Community Development team of ComSA@Whampoa has been providing trainings in Self-Care on Health of Older Persons in Singapore (project SCOPE) to participants from nine Resident’s Committee within Whampoa. Three groups of these participants have progressed on to SWING programme after completion of their SCOPE programme – they have gone through the eight sessions of SWING meetings and have converged into one combined meeting group to further streamline their Plans of Actions for Whampoa.

More on SWING


In Focus

Uncovering the Tangible Stories of Whampoa Residents
Curating Whampoa is a community art and heritage project that seeks to collect, curate and present the rich cultural and living heritage of Whampoa through a series of thematic events organized over the two-year period. The project was launched on 16 December 2016 with the various partners and participants coming together in an intimate Sharing Session. Grassroots Advisor Mr Heng Chee How, Senior Minister of State (Prime Minister’s Office) and MP for Jalan Besar GRC (Whampoa) graced the event.


News Spotlight

The Case for Age-Friendly Communities
The movement to create communities that are age-friendly focuses on how the economic, physical, and social environments can be improved to address not only the needs but also maximize the assets of an aging population, for the benefit of all.

The Future of Ageing: Realizing the Potential of Longevity
A report from the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging offers reflections from 21 top thought leaders, and members of the Institute's Advisory Board, on the potential created by greater longevity and the best ways to realize it.


WOW! Wise, Old and Wonderful

86-year-old raises $400,000 and then gives it away.
Thirty-two years' worth of recycled newspapers and magazines -- more than nine million pounds of it -- netted 86-year-old Johnny Jennings $400,000, all of which he gave away to those in need.

87-year-old Mr Booi to take part in SAFRA Singapore Bay Run
Booi Seow Kiat - the oldest member of the Singapore Armed Forces Veterans League - jogs three times a week and is planning to go the distance in the SAFRA-organised run.



Empowering Women for Life 96sec (video)
The Citi-Tsao Foundation Financial Education Programme for Mature Women helps women to manage their finances better and prepare them for financial independence in their older years. Since its launch in 2008 (and by end of 2015), the programme has empowered more than 6,000 women in Singapore, and is currently being rolled out to reach more women in 105 community clubs island-wide.